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James Thigpen
Associate Creative Director

My job is…
Associate Creative Director

Must see, do, visit, NYC/Detroit/Atlanta/Miami things.
•Well, I’m in Detroit now so I’d have to say the skating rink. Just to speculate from the sideline is enough. Flint and Detroit breed superstar skaters.

How do you relax?
Cleaning. I feel most relaxed when I’m cleaning my home. I enjoy the feeling of clarity so
decluttering brings that to me.

What inspires you?
Conversations inspire me. I love stories, that’s probably why my favorite genre of books is

Any tricks that help you focus when working on a difficult project?
I write every step out as a checklist then conquer one-by-one. Mentally it gives me structure and allows something overwhelming to be less intimidating.

Most rewarding project you’ve worked on at UWG?
I’m working on it now. Don’t know if I’m at liberty to speak on it yet, but it’s for Ford.

Items you can’t live without
Contacts lenses and lip balm.

Work that inspires you?
I’m an artist, so other artist work is so inspiring. Sometimes I’ll see it and have what I call
“healthy jealousy”. I love the feeling. Like, “I wish I thought of this!”

Culture roundup – what are you consuming, what’s inspiring, what moves you, what makes you laugh:
• Film: Boomerang, Scent of A Woman, Paid In Full.
• TV: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Martin, Tom and Jerry (The old version). Just started watching
Godfather of Harlem, and I really enjoy it.
• Podcast: 85 South Show, The Read, Sidehustle Pros.
• Book: Think and Grow Rich.
• Music/Album/Song: I’m an old soul, so daily I probably begin with late 70’s – mid 80’s. Being from Flint, I really gravitate towards a lot of the Hip Hop coming out of Michigan. Peezy, Payroll Giovanni, etc. As for albums, my go to is probably something from Erykah. You can just play her work with no skips. And one of my favorite songs is Stevie’s “Superwoman”.
• Social media account IG: @jamesthigpenjr