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Christina Nguyen
Senior Art Director

My job is…
Concepting for content and campaigns, designing, designing client presentations and assets.

Must see, do, visit, NYC/Detroit/Atlanta/Miami things.
Would love to visit more cities in America. Maybe a cross country road trip with lots of diner stops.

How do you relax?
Cuddling with my cat watching movies, cooking, staying in, journaling, reading books at a coffee shop or restaurant.

What inspires you?
Beautiful imagery, hearing people’s personal stories, art, films, powerful stories of people making a difference in the world.

Any tricks that help you focus when working on a difficult project?
Putting on filler podcasts or videos in the background help me focus more while working. It allows me to stay put and get through my work while being lightly entertained.

Most rewarding project you’ve worked on at UWG?
Ford Black Cultural Moments.

Items you can’t live without
Laneige lip mask, matcha, my tarot cards, Beauty Water toner, candles and incense, a good book in case I get bored.

Work that inspires you
I really enjoy personal stories that allow me to understand what might inspire someone;the difficult things they went through, how they dealt with them and what made them feel accepted, passionate, or empowered. I feel the main part of my job is to learn from others so that I can tell their story in a visually pleasing and cohesive way that does them justice, inspires others and gives them a platform/audience.

Culture roundup – what are you consuming, what’s inspiring, what moves you, what makes you laugh:
Film: Den of Thieves
TV: Animal Kingdom on TNT

Podcast: Brainwashed about the CIA and MK Ultra

Book: The Seat of the Soul

Music/Album/Song: One of my favorite albums of all time is Aaliyah’s self titled third album and Britney Spears’ In the Zone and currently I have Doechii What it Is and Crazy on repeat

Social media account I love @moorelooks. It is a good Instagram for fashion inspo