Michelle Montague

I moonlight as a Nail Artist and have given Pamela Anderson a pedicure. As the self-proclaimed President of #TeamTooMuch, I live for sarcasm, internet memes, anything gold and conversing in .gif whenever possible.

Nicholas Anglin

I consider myself multifaceted and enjoy designing, shooting, editing and directing video content, motion design, and painting. I just enjoy creating. I’m usually Mr. Reliable.

Thomas Dima

Brooklyn Native, political junkie, arts and culture addict and Mary J. Blige super fan (we share a birthday) who wholeheartedly believes knowledge is best acquired through experience. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona and plan to milk that adventure for all its worth – until the next one.

Dan Tochterman

The ability of technology to even the playing field is what I am passionate about. I’m also a coffee enthusiast who is into sports, my kids and computers.