Emilio Ayala

I love to create.

I don’t like labels but I’ve been known to dish out a few. My favorite music genre at the moment is prog rock/metal. I love horror films and my favorite color is black… cliché af, I know.

Nigel James

The only day I go out to eat for lunch during the work week is Friday for Mexican food. I am a car fanatic, gamer, into basketball, bike riding, anime, and love just being a father.

Dennis Kho

I am always trying to find the right balance between Yin and Yang. My taste in music varies from Classic Heavy Metal to Classical (and other genres in between). I get a joy out of weightlifting, cardio workouts, watching/analyzing sports and being outdoors.

Edna Creus

I love to cook and enjoy finding shortcuts and healthy ways to cook my family’s favorite dishes. I have a passion for plants and flowers and have done wedding floral arrangements that included bridal bouquets, centerpieces, church flowers and church decorations.

Cherry Baccani

I am the only girl out of ten siblings. I belong to a prayer group where I also play keyboard in our music ministry. I love God and I love the people that he brought into my life.

Kim Lezama

I’m passionate about other people’s well-being. Seeing people happy makes me happy, especially if I’ve contributed to their happiness. I love anything Caribbean, from the delicious food to the sound of the music (reggae, soca, calypso).

Nifateria Marshall

I’m a bossy type A personality with a splash of creative genius. My hobbies include watching TV, baking desserts, doing my makeup and painting my nails.

Nandi Smythe

Music, movies, the ’gram – I love and consume all things media so it makes sense that I do what I do. Fun fact? I may (OK, I do) have a vocal credit on Willennium.

Yirayah Garcia

I’m a true ambivert whose passion for life centers around one simple cadence — Live hard! Love hard! Laugh hard! Die strong! Tick Tock…