First Listen

Lincoln tasked UWG to develop engaging digital content that would resonate with Lincoln’s African-American target audience. This digital content was produced for use during key cultural moments throughout the calendar year and would live on the brand’s proprietary digital content studio — Lincoln Now.


Music is everything

For African Americans, music plays a major role in their lifestyle. It’s deeply embedded in everything they do. Playing the right music while driving is almost as essential as the gas that powers the car — music powers the soul.


Combining the crisp Lincoln Revel sound system with established and rising music artists, we created Lincoln First Listen. It features the interaction of the series host and selected music artists discussing the meaning behind their art while riding in the latest Lincoln vehicle.

As part of each segment, an artist unveils a snippet of a new track just being released. As added content value, and for a limited time, our audience has the opportunity to preview the entire song after viewing the featured segment.