UWG elevates Gregory Edwards to president

Edwards Will Report to Chair and CEO Monique Nelson BROOKLYN, NY (October 14, 2020) — UWG, the longest-standing multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the United States, today announced the promotion […]

This Genre Now Runs The Music Industry

In July, Hip-hop surpassed rock ’n’ roll as the most popular genre in the United States, according to Nielsen Music’s mid-year report. The shift in rank can be attributed to […]

The Undefeated

Each year, UWG works with a wide variety of media partners to help our clients reach their target audience in impactful ways.  We pride ourselves on selecting amazing partners that […]


As creators, we have a responsibility to develop an artistic response that might resonate with our followers.

Celebrating Black Music Month

This past winter, we produced a journey series with Amtrak and Carolyn Malachi, chronicling her train trip from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, G.A. to participate in The Curators of Hip […]