BROOKLYN and TORONTO — UniWorld Group, Inc. (UWG) and Monsoon Communications, two top-tier multicultural agencies, together have expanded their reach by forming UWG Monsoon, a new multicultural agency specializing in strategies that offer brands a deep and comprehensive understanding of the numerous ethnic consumer segments in Canada – each with their own unique culture, characteristics, and consumer buying habits.

Brooklyn-based UWG is the longest-standing multicultural advertising agency in the United States, while Toronto-based Monsoon has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most respected multicultural agencies since its founding in 2010.

“The formation of UWG Monsoon to serve the Canadian market is a first step in our international growth plans,” said UWG President & CEO Gregory Edwards, who leads UWG’s advertising and marketing services globally. “We’re proud of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients in the United States and look forward to bringing our unique unicultural perspective to Canada and the world.”

The new agency will be housed in WPP Toronto’s new campus in the city’s Waterfront Innovation Centre.

“We’re extremely proud to join with UWG and take this next step in our growth,” said Sachi Mukerji, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Monsoon. “I believe this new business partnership is a validation of our strategic vision, and we’re excited that it will allow us to share our passion for multicultural advertising with a wider client base.”

Penelope Chow, a member of Monsoon’s leadership team, will be on special assignment as UWG Monsoon’s first Managing Director, charged with leading the new agency and driving growth.

A seasoned multicultural marketer, Ms. Chow possesses a deep understanding of how “newcomers” to Canada engage with brands. During her tenure at Monsoon, she led teams in support of top advertisers in the mobile, banking, CPG, and technology sectors. Previously, she spent several years working for leading hotel brands in China.

“Canada’s population growth surged to over a million people last year, almost entirely due to immigration, and the federal government plans to welcome 500,000 new immigrants annually by 2025. These are staggering numbers, and it’s now more important than ever for advertisers to incorporate proven newcomer strategies into their overall marketing plans”, said Ms. Chow.

“This partnership creates new opportunities for our teams to flex their multicultural knowledge, insights, strategy, data and creative muscles, and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” she added.

Monsoon Communications will continue to operate as an independent multicultural advertising agency in Toronto with its own roster of clients. There will be no changes to the ownership or management team headed by Sachi Mukerji as CEO and Ramesh Nilakantan as COO.

About UniWorld Group, Inc.
Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, UniWorld Group, Inc. (UWG) is the longest-standing, full-service multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the United States. A thought leader in creativity, inclusion, and innovation, UWG has carved its legacy in the communication space for more than fifty years by connecting brands to multicultural audiences beyond the construct of race and ethnicity. UWG is a minority-owned, woman-led strategic partner of the WPP network. For more information on UWG, visit

About Monsoon
Monsoon is a full-service agency specializing in multicultural marketing and advertising. The firm is headed by a team of senior industry professionals with strong backgrounds in mainstream and direct-response advertising, and broad experience with national and global brands. Monsoon’s success in helping brands thrive in Canada’s diverse ethnic markets is a testament to its deep knowledge and understanding of Canada’s newcomers combined with a rigorous and disciplined strategic mindset and a focus on creating effective advertising that generates meaningful ROI. To learn more about Monsoon, visit


Thomas Dima
Group Director, Experiential & PR
UniWorld Group, Inc.

Sachi Mukerji
CEO and Executive Creative Director
Monsoon Communications


BROOKLYN, NY (October 19, 2022) – UniWorld Group, Inc, the longest standing full-service multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the United States, is proud to announce the appointment of Gregory Edwards to President & Chief Executive Officer. Edwards was elevated on October 1, 2022.

In his newly expanded role, Edwards will lead UWG’s advertising, marketing, and consulting practice which includes the agency’s proprietary multicultural data engine, UniCultural Intelligence Network (UIN), reporting directly to Chair Monique Nelson and the Board of Directors. The leadership evolution is the result of a succession planning process by the Board and Nelson.

“Greg has been an operationally exceptional and steadfast leader for the past 8 years.  His unique talents allowed him to usher the team through the public health, economic and social justice challenges of the past several years with great aplomb.  This makes Greg the best person to be only the third CEO in UWG’s history.  I’m proud he is now such a major part of our legacy,” said Nelson.

Nelson remains Chair of the Board, maintaining her role as the visionary and thought leader for the organization. This change comes as Nelson celebrates a decade as majority owner of UWG after purchasing the agency from advertising pioneer Byron Lewis, who founded the organization in 1969. Her day-to-day focus will be on the international expansion of the UWG brand, the agency’s DEI practice Global Reflections led by President Douglas C. Freeman, and the NILE, the sports business consulting practice that partners with major brands to maximize the equity and empowerment impact of their NIL investment. UWG continues its status as a minority-owned, woman-led strategic partner of WPP.

“I’m so grateful and honored to become a part of the legacy of UWG. And my sincere thank you to Monique Nelson and Board,” said Edwards. Prior to joining UWG in 2014, Edwards worked for Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide in various capacities with clients such as Samsung, McDonald’s, and Allstate. With many years of client and agency experience, and a proven background that includes digital media and product development, Edwards has developed campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito Lay, Quaker and Gerber, to name a few. 


 Student Athlete NIL Joins as Partner to Support Career Mobility and Readiness Efforts 

College Football Athlete Chase Griffin to Serve as Student Athlete Executive in Residence 

NEW YORK (October 18, 2021) – UniWorld Group (UWG), the nation’s longest-standing multicultural advertising and marketing agency, today launched The NILE (name, image, likeness, empowerment), a new sports business consulting unit that partners with major brands to maximize the equity and empowerment impact of their NIL investments. The unit will guide brands in all facets of NIL including equitable ad investment allocation, pricing, content creation and distribution, as well as developing robust programs to provide mentorship, and other industry support for Black college athletes in the development of their platforms through name, image, likeness activities. 

Joining forces with UWG as a strategic partner is Student Athlete NIL (SANIL), an agency of record dedicated to working with brands and student-athletes in the new frontier of NIL. UWG also welcomes Chase Griffin, a UCLA QB and student leader, to the team as Student Athlete Executive in Residence where he will serve as an adviser and provide his intellect and authentic insights on the student-athlete experience. 

“For Black college athletes like Chase Griffin this moment represents a generational empowerment opportunity that will jump start the engine of economic mobility for their families,” said Monique Nelson, Chair & CEO, UWG. “Through UWG’s The NILE practice we can empower Black student-athletes to pursue and properly manage NIL opportunities.” 

UWG’s enduring partnerships with leading brands uniquely qualifies the agency to facilitate marketing opportunities on any level—national, regional, hyper-local or niche sports. Brands can execute campaigns leveraging student-athletes in real time. Brands will also be able to capitalize off cultural moments in the world of college athletics as they happen and establish themselves as relevant mainstays in those conversations. UWG has unique relationships and insights on the Black college-athlete experience and understanding of the on-ramp empowerment support they need to fully realize this opportunity. 

“Investing in NIL of college athletes represents a great return on investment opportunity for brands. We are proven value creators,” said Chase Griffin. “College athletes can partner with brands to combine the drive, discipline, and focus that got us to this point and create a new, equitable, and purpose-driven future.” 

UWG’s The NILE consulting practice will provide opportunities for content creation, equity building through investment, career mobility and readiness and connecting these partnerships to communities for positive change. UWG and SANIL are working together to bring to life new properties, events and initiatives that will allow student-athletes to partner with brands that can help them leverage their influence to build a better future for everyone they touch. 

“Never before has there been an opportunity to partner with individuals who have the unique ability that student-athletes do to build brand awareness and convert new customers through a unique blend of national and hyper-localized influencer marketing,” said Jason Belzer, CEO of SANIL. “We’re incredibly excited to team up with UWG to ensure that all of our brand partners will enter the NIL space equipped with the knowledge, data and insights necessary to take full advantage of one of the greatest arbitrage opportunities in marketing history.” 

To celebrate the launch of the new consulting unit, UWG will host a session at Advertising Week New York 2021 on Monday, October 18 titled “Name, Image, Likeness, Equity and Empowerment” with UWG’s Monique Nelson and SANIL’s Jason Belzer discussing the NIL opportunity and impact for brands, advertisers, and college athletes. 

UWG elevates Gregory Edwards to president

Edwards Will Report to Chair and CEO Monique Nelson

BROOKLYN, NY (October 14, 2020) — UWG, the longest-standing multicultural advertising and marketing agency in the United States, today announced the promotion of Gregory Edwards to the role of President of UWG, effective immediately. He has served for the past three years as COO.

In his new role, Edwards will be responsible for setting and implementing the agency’s goals in support of the CEO and board of directors’ vision. He will continue to lead all go-to-market functions, including sales, communication and marketing strategy, reporting directly to Chair and CEO Monique Nelson.

“Greg always recognizes the bigger, more strategic ideas that are the true catalysts to business growth,” said Monique Nelson. “His passion for the unique value UWG has consistently and successfully brought to our clients for more than 50 years is a great asset as he leads our exciting next phase of engaging growth audiences.”

Prior to joining UWG in 2014, Edwards worked for Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide in various capacities with clients such as Samsung, McDonald’s and Allstate. With many years of client and agency experience, and a proven background that includes digital media and product development, Edwards has developed campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito Lay, Quaker and Gerber, to name a few.

“2020 has shown UWG that what we bring to the table is invaluable to brands and marketers in connecting with growth audiences,” said Edwards. “The opportunity to lead our UWG family of passionate strategists, creatives and culturists is an incredible honor. I am thrilled to be a part of UWG’s amazing legacy — connecting the soul of the brand to that of the consumer.”

In July, UWG completed a year-long commemoration celebrating 50 years of pushing culture forward through insight-driven storytelling. For more information about UWG, please visit or follow the conversation on InstagramTwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

This Genre Now Runs The Music Industry

In July, Hip-hop surpassed rock ’n’ roll as the most popular genre in the United States, according to Nielsen Music’s mid-year report. The shift in rank can be attributed to the rise in streaming services, according to Forbes. Rock is far and away the winner when it comes to album sales—the genre claims 40% of all album sales in the country—but the total number of records actually purchased dwindles every year, so while that percentage may remain steady or even climb, it’s not representative of how Americans are truly consuming music. Hip-hop/R&B, on the other hand, is responsible for just over 29% of all on-demand streams across the country, and that is the only field that is growing noticeably. In fact, R&B/hip-hop is almost as popular on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music than the next two genres (rock and pop) combined. At least seven of the top 10 most popular songs on streaming platforms in 2017 fit squarely into the hip-hop field, while another, Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,” blends pop and R&B.

Services like Spotify and Apple Music have become the premier platforms for hip-hop and R&B to thrive. Artists like Drake, who broke boundaries as the most-played artist on Spotify in the streaming service’s history, have contributed tremendously to the genre’s success. His More Life playlist was reportedly streamed more than 10 billion times on both Spotify and Apple Music. Forbes also adds that Lamar’s latest release DAMN, was also considered to be the biggest album in the country at the time of writing. Without a doubt, this is a big win for the hip-hop community.