• Kevin Stone

  • Susan Vargas

  • Kenneth West

    In my spare time, I like to work out, listen to music and to be around family. Something interesting about me — I’m a news / current events fanatic.

  • Scott Robinson

    I’m passionate about mentoring young people to dream big, setting goals and attaining what they want in life. I’ve done it through a not-for-profit that develops academics through athletic programs for the past 15 years. In my spare time I love to grill no matter what the weather. I own 3 different grills for all types of occasions and number of guests.

  • Katherine Bonilla

    I’m passionate about everything that nourishes my mind, body, and soul. I also seek to be around positive people that can help me become a better person. When I’m not reading or having a good time with family and friends, you can find me spinning.

  • Haston Lewis

    I am a Dallas, Texan music lover of all genres and a big anime fan. I love any movie with Samuel L. Jackson in it and I’ll debate you about

  • Thomas Luke

    I’m fairly intense in how curious I am. Curiosity v. Ignorance is a full contact sport. Travel, cooking & restaurants, and music are my passion-braid, they weave in and out of each other depending on context. I love going on very long walks and hikes, and I’m always wondering where in the world to travel to next. One of the recent rabbit holes I’ve gone into is advanced nutrition, mindfulness, & the amazing scientists and creators exploring this emerging space. I’m fairly new to this world and am learning the insight tools to know it better, but as John Coltrane said, “You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere”.

  • Aarona Jordan

    I was a child actor, a youth member of the Arena Players of Baltimore, but I learned I’m not an artist, I’m just in love with story-telling and characters, so advertising is the perfect vocation for me.

  • Errol Pierre-Louis

    I’m passionate about technology, fitness, and literature. I was an honorary ballboy for a Knick’s game when I was ten and still have my Patrick Ewing signed cap displayed prominently on my bookshelf.

  • Eva Marie Nacpil

    I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends as well as planning my next vacation and destination.

  • Bridget Toney

    In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling and dancing.

  • Johnny Townes

    In my spare time, I spend time with my Mom and go bowling. I also love watching DIY shows where they remodel old homes.

  • Michelle Montague

    I moonlight as a Nail Artist and have given Pamela Anderson a pedicure. As the self-proclaimed President of #TeamTooMuch, I live for sarcasm, internet memes, anything gold and conversing in .gif whenever possible.

  • Harold Tamara

    Never not working! Always on the hunt for new music to add to my “out-of-control” collection of playlists for every occasion. Baseball fan!

  • Nicholas Anglin

    I consider myself multifaceted and enjoy designing, shooting, editing and directing video content, motion design, and painting. I just enjoy creating. I’m usually Mr. Reliable.

  • Carl Arnold

    I spend most of my time trying to re-create a farm and save the planet.

  • Thomas Dima

    Brooklyn Native, political junkie, arts and culture addict and Mary J. Blige super fan (we share a birthday) who wholeheartedly believes knowledge is best acquired through experience. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona and plan to milk that adventure for all its worth – until the next one.

  • Nifateria Marshall

    I’m a bossy type A personality with a splash of creative genius. My hobbies include watching TV, baking desserts, doing my makeup and painting my nails.

  • Tischen Franklin

  • Carlos Monino

  • Datu Faison

    I’m passionate about all things pop culture — music, film, content, fashion and just looking at what consumer trends are, current and up next. I think I’m unique in that I have an even mix of creative and account. I actually used to be a magazine writer and still enjoy taking part in the creative process for both music and film. In my spare time I enjoy fitness and outdoor activities, but most importantly simple evenings spent with friends and family.


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